Sessions for animals

A session for an animal

Reconnective Healing works great for animals. They are so open to receive these frequencies and their minds aren’t in the way! Reconnective Healing can help your animal get back in balance again on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level, just as Reconnective Healing does with humans. It will help animals on their evolutionary path as well.

DSC_1462Reconnective healing can be helpful for every animal, whether it’s a cat, dog, horse or cow. They all are very open to these frequencies. I’ve worked live with animals, but have also done distance sessions. When working in person with them, I notice that they relax very quickly; cats and dogs will lie down and doze a little and you might see some involuntary movements of their muscles or you might hear their breathing change. Horses will also relax and you can see their face become very soft.  In the picture you can see me working with Molly; she seems almost asleep. Rixt had joined us and seemed to pick up the energies as well!

With distance sessions the feedback that people often give me is that their cat or dog would go in a very deep sleep a few minutes after I started and show a change in breathing and invulontary movements of muscles, just like the R.E.M. phase in sleep.

The nicest experience I had was with a hummingbird that I found outside a hotel in the jungle in Central America. It was lying on the ground and seemed unconscious. I picked it up and gave it a Reconnective Healing while admiring the beautiful colors of this bird! After a few minutes the bird woke up, stood for a while on my hands and then flew away!

If you feel your animal might benefit from a Reconnective Healing please contact me and we can set up a session. I can come to your place if you live nearby; otherwise a distance session is a great alternative and does the same work. For a distance session we would set a date and time, and at that certain moment, you would need to be with your animal so you can see what the animal is experiencing. After approximately 30-40 minutes I will call you to discuss what you have observed and experienced. Distance healing works because in Reconnective Healing the distance does not matter, nor does it diminish any effects.  The Reconnective Healing frequencies are not constrained by space or distance.

The fee for a session is $75