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Meet me in Missoula on Friday 5th of August!

msh_buildingMeadowsweet Herbs in Missoula (MT) organizes an informal meeting with their Sweet Spa Practitioners in their shop on friday the 5th!

From 4 – 7 pm several practitioners will be there, including me. I offer Reconnective Healing sessions for people on Mondays in the sweet spa at Meadowsweet.

Karrie, the owner of Meadowsweet, will also have some fun lavender things for sale and to taste! (yummie lavender truffles & tea).

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A frequently asked question about Flower Essences for animals

bottle-and-flowersThe number one question that clients ask me is: ” if my dog/cat needs flower essences, how do I give it to him and make sure the other dogs/cats don’t get it?”

Don’t worry! If you have one animal that needs essences, just put the drops in the water bowl. It’s okay if the other animals drink from the same water. A flower essence will never have a negative effect, it just won’t have any effect if the other animal does not need them. If another animal does resonate with one or more of the essences, that’s okay as well. They will get what they need.

A fun thing to do is make two water bowls: one with the essences in it and one without the essences, so every animal has the choice to drink what feels best.

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Recording of the webinar available

pig_computerThe webinar on Flower Essences for animal was really fun ! We had a great audience that had interesting questions. If you would like to purchase the 2,5 hour recording, please contact me so we can make that work. We will do another follow-up webinar about animals, but we haven’t set a date yet.

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Webinar on Flower Essences for animals May 14th

I’m excited to announce that Steve Johnson from Alaskan Essences and I will be teaching a webinar about the use of flower essences for animals! This webinar, the first in a series, is for anyone who would like to learn how to use the Alaskan Essences to help their animals live happier and more balanced lives.

Topics we will be talking about:
– factors that influence the well-being of animals and the behaviors associated with them
– how animals interact with vibrational essences
– anything you need to know about the use of essences in daily life
– special circumstances in which essences are helpful
– an introduction to the most important alaskan essences for animals
– a live Q&A session with both of us. You can ask questions via chat.
Steve will bring in his knowledge about the A...
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Lecture on Reconnective Healing Wednesday March 30, 6-7 pm

RH-SkyDo you want to learn more about Reconnective Healing and the science and philosophy behind it? I will give a talk about Reconnective Healing at Meadowsweet Herbs on Wednesday March 30 from 6-7 pm.

Reconnective Healing is all about a return to balance. By connecting to this field of energy, light and information, we enable ourselves to release anything that is out of balance. In other words imbalances can vibrate out of our system. This can happen on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

During the lecture I will share highlights from scientific research which has shown that Reconnective Healing can:
• restructure damaged DNA
• be more than twice as effective as physical therapy (restoring range of motion in the shoulder)
• support athletic peak performance

If you canno...

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February 2016 newsletter

Hi everyone,Logo_businesscard

You can find my latest newsletters here:

The English one Newsletter February 2016

The Dutch one Nieuwsbrief Februari 2016

(the links in the text do work, just click on them 🙂 )


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Interesting interview with Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

CesarMany of you may know Cesar Millan, known as the Dog Whisperer. Cesar doesn’t talk about animal communication in the way that I do, but he does talk about ENERGY, and how our dogs (and of course all animals) sense and feel how we feel. We are only energy for them and the best pack leader is a calm, assertive and confident human being. The moment we doubt ourselves or are distracted, our dogs will let us know. I like how he teaches about that.

In this interview, published in 2015, he points out where things can go wrong between dogs and humans, even without the humans being aware of it. I really liked the interview and that’s why I want to share it with you. It lasts 40 minutes and it is definitely worth watching!

Click here to go to Youtube for the video.

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Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to you and your furry friends!2016

When I look back, I can say that 2015 was the most amazing year of my life. My horse Rixt and I moved from Holland to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana and started building a new life. I received a very warm welcome from the people here, they are really nice and friendly. It was very exciting to start my work here with the Animal Communication, Flower Essences and Reconnective Healing. I still do that with people and animals in Holland, but I was curious whether people here would be interested as well. And they are 🙂 I am happy that people come to me and that we get to do some amazing work together!

I look forward to this new year and working with you, no matter where you live, as with internet/mail/skype, the world is small…


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Merry Christmas !



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News: a radio interview about healing power of animal communication

AH connectionOn Thursday the 10th of December 2015 I was interviewed by Judy Wright, host of the blogtalkradio show on Animal Human Connection. It was a good interview and Judy had lots of nice questions. We talked about my journey from the scientific world to my work in the intuitive field, the healing power of animal communication and we talked a bit about the use of flower essenes for animals. Thirty minutes were passed before I knew it! You can listen to it here.

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