Consultations with your animals

How I like to do a consultation:

I feel that it is important to listen to everything that an animal has to share. This is the reason I prefer to do a full consultation, and not just a few questions or a limited amount of time. This way, everything that is important to know, can come up and be addressed, and that can be something different then expected.


In my consultations I always have a list of my own questions that cover the area between spiritual things (soul purpose, mirroring, etc) and practical things (food, housing, training, etc). And I always ask every question that you have for your animal. A lot will already be covered by my own questions, but I will make sure that every question is addressed. It is important to realize there are no silly questions. After talking and listening to your animal I will have lots of information to share with you. I am always surprised by the amount of information that comes up if you take the time to listen to the animal. This means that we can go to the core of the issues that are going on, sometimes information comes in layers and a problem may have a practical reason, but there may also be some mirroring going on.

During the consultation I am as neutral as possible. For example, if a person would have the question “why is my dog Billy attacking my other dog Rosa?” I would ask Billy what he thinks and feels about Rosa, and let him tell me about their relationship. I might also want to talk to Rosa, to hear her side of the story. I do this because the behaviors you see are usually only part of what is really happening.

Another example: a person asks me to tell their horse to stop bucking during riding. I will always ask the horse how it feels about riding. Is there a problem, and if so, what is the problem? Animals are always talking to us by showing their behavior, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand what they mean. The bucking horse might have a painfull issue in his spine! His bucking is the only way to tell us that the saddle, and person on it, is causing him pain. What else can he do to tell you that?

As an animal communicator, I can be the bridge between you and your animal. By receiving a consultation, you will both get more mutual understanding and respect.

Sometimes it will become clear that the animal needs additional help such as chiropractic work, accupuncture, or a visit to the vet. I will refer you to these people if needed. I may also recommend some books or a website to visit.

BlackDogDaisyWhat I need to do a consultation:

A picture of your animal (I do not need to be with your animal in person).

All the questions you have for your animal.

All that you want to say to your animal.


We will set a date and time for our phone or skype talk, and in the one or two hours before our appointment, I will talk to you animal(s). In our Skype/phone talk I will share all of that information with you.


The fee for a consultation with one animal is $95. This fee is fixed and does not depend on the amount of time we spend talking, so you can just relax during our talk and you can ask all you want. If you have more animals that you want me to talk to, then contact me about the fee.


** Note that I do not diagnose. In case of health issues I recommend that you seek professional advice from a veterinarian.