In loving memory Steve Johnson

It is with heavy heart that I announce the news that my dear husband Steve Johnson passed away Friday March 17, 2017 in Missoula Montana, with me by his side.

Below is the statement that we released this morning from our company Alaskan Essences. Later this week I will post more but this is all I am able to do at the moment…

Since this past January, Steve has courageously undergone treatments for metastatic melanoma. Steve was touched by the support from family, friends and colleagues around the world. It made the last part of his journey so much easier. We are all heartbroken that his physical presence will no longer be a part of our daily lives, but we know he is in a good place and we know that he will continue to inspire all of us.

Steve founded the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in January 1984. With his teachings and vibrational essences he transformed the lives of so many around the world. We were so fortunate to be living and working so close to him as he impacted our lives as well.

Alaskan Essences will continue to flourish with Steve’s wife Judith, at the helm, fulfilling Steve’s last wish. Together, with all our existing knowledge and experience we will continue to bring the Healing Essences from the Heart of Nature into the world, honoring Steve’s life’s work and bringing his dreams to fruition.

Judith Poelarends

Derek Mascorrella (shipping associate)

Jeanne Norby (production manager)

Kirk Norby (shipping manager)

Laurie Riley (office manager)

Liz Hibala (production assistant).