For your animal:

For animals I offer two types of consultations. We can talk about what feels best for you and your animals:

  1. A full animal communication consultation. After that consultation I can choose flower essences intuitively that will support the animal in its process. The combination of the full consultation and the flower essences give you most insight on what your animal is feeling and what is going on at all levels.
  2. A flower essence consultation, where I pick essences intuitively for your animal, get insight on what is going on and share that with you. This is a shorter session, because it does not include a comprehensive talk with your animal.

For you:iStock_000013764641XSmall

I can also do a personal flower essence consultation for you. How it works that we first talk about how you feel and what you would like to change in your life or in yourself. Then I will pick essences for you intuitively and share my insights on what they mean and why these came up. This is always very insightful to get more understanding about what is really going on at this moment in your life!

Flower Essences can be taken in many situations:

  • when you start a new project, new job, relationship, moving to a new house, etc
  • your birthday and a new year is coming up
  • when you have difficulty letting go of thought patterns, stuck emotions or worries
  • when you have questions about the direction of your life
  • or when you are just curious …

In all cases I will prepare a dosage bottle with the selected essences and they will last 4-5 weeks. This is one dosage cycle. After that period we can discuss how things are going, want has changed and if another dosage cycle is necessary.