About Animal Communication

About Animal Communication

I discovered that I could communicate telepathically with animals during a workshop on animal communication in 2007. After that amazing discovery, I followed more workshops on animal communication and joined practice groups with other animal communicators. That built up my confidence and I started to get more precise and valuable information. I also realised that animal communication is more about listening than talking to the animal.


What is most striking to me is that animals have so much they want to share! For most animals that I talk to, it is a great opportunity to share everything that they want their person to know. They often surprise me with their insightful answers and I feel blessed to be able to do this work.

I talk to all kinds of animals, there is no limit in that. I can even talk to a group, like a herd of dairy cows.

In what cases can a consultation be helpful?

Whenever you ask yourself what is going on with your animals! What do they want, what do they need, why are they showing certain behaviors, what is going on? My job is to hear their viewpoint and reasons for the things they do, so I can work with you to resolve the issues.

Most often people come to me because there are behavioral issues that are unwanted or that they do not understand, like fear, aggression, or separation anxiety.

Sometimes there is not really a problem, but people just want to have a better relationship with their animal friend and wonder what they can do to improve the relationship and live happier lives. Or they want to introduce a new animal in the house. That is an important moment to talk to all the animals involved, including the new one. What do they want and what do they need? Animals that come from a shelter or are rescued often have much to share about their past and it may help people understand them better.

People also come to me asking for help when their animals are severely ill and they want to know how the animal feels and whether the animal wants to live or not.

I also communicate with the spirit of animals that have passed away. They often have beautiful messages for their owners and share their perspective on life and death.

If you want to learn more, then listen to this radio interview that I gave in Dec 2015. It’s 30 minutes and you can listen to it here.

** Note that I do not diagnose. In case of health issues I recommend that you seek professional advice from a veterinarian.