News: Workshop “Helping Animals Heal”

Rixt and MollyThis three day workshop is an opportunity for animal lovers and those working in the fields of animal health care and animal rescue to learn the effective application of the Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences.

Sept 26-28, 2015, Hamilton, Montana, USA.

Workshop highlights:
✤ Insights on why animals develop behavioral and health issues.
✤ A review of case histories illustrating the use of essences for:
-Shock and trauma from injuries, neglect, abuse and abandonment
-Health related issues such as problems with diet, pregnancy, and disease
-Pre- and post- surgical care especially with regard to spay/neutering
-Emotional issues, such as separation anxiety, grief, jealousy, and depression
-Behavioral issues, such as aggressiveness, possessiveness, and hyperactivity
✤ A Special Section on Animal Rescue that will include a protocol for using essences with animals in shelters, sanctuaries and clinics
✤ How to select and use the Alaskan Essences with your animals
✤ Developing and trusting your intuition
✤ Using the Alaskan Essences to cleanse and balance your animal’s environment.

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